BBMP Property Tax Rate, Online Payment, Check Status, Benefits

BBMP Property Tax there is a 2% monthly interest charge for postponing payment. To avoid interest, you can alternatively pay in two payments. Just be sure to finish by June 30th without the rebate.

BBMP Property Tax

The property tax is imposed on qualified property owners by the Bengaluru municipal corporation, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). 

Property owners who qualify must pay the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) property tax each year. 

There would be fines and maybe asset confiscation if you didn’t pay the tax.

There is no set rate for Bangalore’s BBMP property tax

Depending on the kind of property and the jurisdiction in which it is located, it is divided into various slabs. The BBMP property tax portal allows you to check your tax rate online.

Check Payment Status of Property Tax BBMP 

You can check the progress of your online Bangalore property tax payment after making your payment. To see the status of your BBMP payment:

  • Use your BBMP property tax application number, challan number, or transaction number to access your payment data on the BBMP Property Tax System.
  • Click “Retrieve” after entering the matching number. It would show the status of the payment.

BBMP Property Tax Forms

In order to pay the necessary property tax, you must file one of these six BBMP tax forms.

Property taxpayers utilize 

Form 1 

  • Together with their Property Identification Number (PID).

Form II 

  • When a property owner does not have a Property Identification Number (PID), they utilize this form instead.

Form III 

  • When a property owner does not have a Khatha number or a Property Identification Number (PID), they utilize this form.

Form IV

  • This white form can be utilized in situations where property details such as built-up area, occupancy status, usage, etc. are not available.

Form V 

  • When making changes to their property, owners of the property utilize this form.

Form VI 

  • Is to be used in cases where the subject property is free from BBMP property tax.

Property Tax Rate & Computation in Bangalore

The following is Bangalore’s property tax rate, broken down by zone, for both owner-occupied and rented properties:

Zone Tenanted (per sq. ft.) Self-occupied (per sq. ft.)
A Rs. 5 Rs. 2.50
B Rs. 4 Rs. 2
C Rs. 3.60 Rs. 1.80
D Rs. 3.20 Rs. 1.60
E Rs. 2.40 Rs. 1.20
F Rs. 2 Rs. 1

The following formula is used in Bangalore to determine the property tax (K):

  • Gross Unit Area Value (G) – I) * 20% + Cess (24% of property tax) equals property tax (K).
  • Whereas
  • G is the value of the gross unit area, computed as (X + Y + Z).
  • (G * H) / 100 = I
  • X = Tenanted area of property x Property’s per-square-foot rate x Ten-month
  • Y = Property’s self-occupied area x Per square foot rate x 10 months
  • Z is the vehicle parking area x per square foot rate multiplied by ten months.
  • H = The percentage of the depreciation rate, determined by the property’s age

Property tax is essentially calculated as follows: 20% of the total area of the property (including parking spaces, leased space, and self-occupied space) multiplied by the per-square-foot rate per square foot determined by BBMP for each type of property use for a period of ten months, depreciation adjusted, plus a 24% property tax cess.

Steps for BBMP tax Payment Online

  • To pay your BBMP property tax online, follow these steps:
  • Go to the official website of BBMP tax.
  • Give information such as the owner’s name, SAS application number, and property identification number.
  • Retrieve‘ should be selected.
  • The website will redirect to Form IV following the exchange of precise information. 

If you would like to make modifications to the property, purpose, built-up area, or occupancy, click the box and then clickProceed.”

  • Make the necessary changes after being sent to Form V.
  • Proceed to pay the BBMP tax over the internet.
  • After being taken to the payment page, choose an appropriate payment method from debit card, credit card, or net banking.
  • Hold off until the receipt number is generated by the system.
  • After the whole day has passed, you can view, print, or download the BBMP tax challan

After choosing “Downloads,” choose “Receipt Printout.” Click ‘Submit‘ to obtain the receipt in PDF format after selecting the applicable Assessment Year and Application Number.

BBMP Property Tax Benefits 

When determining income under residential property for the financial year, property taxes paid can be subtracted from the property’s Gross Annual Value (GAV).

  • Simply put, gross annual rental value (GAV) is the amount of money a property makes each year, whether or not it is rented out. 
  • This can only happen if the following circumstances are satisfied:
  • The owner is responsible for paying property taxes because the property’s GAV is not NIL (that is, it is not a self-occupied home).
  • As previously stated, property tax computation can appear difficult; yet, we have made an effort to make it easier for you by providing a step-by-step explanation. 

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